3D Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Project Description

3D Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Model: GD-FD50/FD70/FD100/FD200

Laser Power: 50W/70W/100W/200W

Working area:110mmx110mm/150mmx150mm/175mmx175mm/200mmx200mm


3D Fiber Laser Marking Machine

1. Can make 3D relief engraving, 3D deep engraving, 2D deep engraving, 2D relief engraving, curved surface engraving, different height engraving etc.

2. The marking effect of each position is uniform.

3. Long lifetime, maintenance free, and no consumable part


Machine model  GD-FD50/GD-FD70/GD-FD100/GD-FD120/GD-FD200
Laser power  50W/70W/100W/120W/200W
Working area(optional)  110mmx110mm/150mmx150mm/175mmx175mm/200mmx200mm/300mmx300mm
Wavelength  1064nm
Laser frequency  20KHZ-100KHZ
Marking speed  8000mm/s
Repeatability  0.02mm
Min. Line width  0.02mm
Min. character  0.15mm
Beam quality  M2 less than 1.5
Power consumption  less than 0.5KW
Operating temperature  0 degree to 45 degree
Working humidity  75% no condensation
Working voltage & frequency  220V+/-10%, 50HZ,10A


1. The marking area is large and the marking effect is uniform at each position.

2. Marking on deep carvings, reliefs, curved surfaces, irregular surfaces and materials of different heights, with three-dimensional marking function

3. Marking lines have high precision, no deformation, and no pattern distortion.

4. Using a professional 3D software system, it supports multiple file formats and the import of vector images, bitmaps and text barcodes, making it easy to understand and use.

5. Supports 3D model import, and 2D graphics can be directly covered or projected on built-in commonly used surfaces.

6. Support X, Y, Z axis control, automatic processing control

7. With a protective cover and a smoke purifier, it can effectively remove smoke and dust without affecting your health.

To ensure good laser mode, stable output, fine marking and laser spot, it adopts the new concept of optical path design.

Adopting the all-in-one structure with sealed optical path, the whole machine structure is reliable with its modern and graceful figure.

Widely apply to different kinds of consumer commodities, food beverage packaging, medicine packing, architecture ceramic, costume and accessories, leather and wool gift and crafts, nameplates, jeans, furniture, etc.

Applicable to various industrial plastics,jeansfabric, plating materials, rubber, ceramics and etc.


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