CO2 Laser marking Machine

Project Description

CO2 Laser marking Machine

Model: GD-C10/C30/C60/C100

Laser Power: 10W/30W/60W/100W

Working area:110mm~300mm(standard: 110mmx110mm)

Product Description:

It adopts RF metal tube laser tube and high speed galvo laser head, ensure fast marking speed, and very good marking effect.

it is applicable for marking all the non-metal materials, and widely used in many industries, such as package production line, medical industry, wood and crafts industry, gifts industry etc.


Model GD-C10/C30/C60/C100
Max. Average Power  10W/30W/60W/100W
Wave Length  10.6um
Output Stability(8h)  ± 5%/ ± 10%
Marking Area  110mmX110mm (10W)/110mmX110mm or 175mmX175mm (30W)/175mmX175mm or 300mmX300mm (60W)/175mmX175mm or 300mmX300mm (100W)
Output Power  10% ~100% continuous adjustable
Output Frequency  0KHZ~200Khz continuous adjustable
Marking Speed  ≤3000mm/s
Min. Character Size  0.6mm
Min. Line Width  0.12mm
Repetition Accuracy  ±0.01mm
Operating System  Operating System
Cooling System  Air cooling(10W/30W/60W)/Water cooling(100W)
Environment Temperature  15℃~30℃
Humidity  45%-75%
Power Voltage  220V/50Hz/60Hz/10A


Adopting CO2 Radio Frequency metal laser generator, and high-speed scanner, this series laser machine obtains high speed and high accuracy with laser focusing solution in the rear part. By using Window interface, the software of the machine is compatible with different output formats, CorelDraw, AutoCAD, Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. The power, which controlled by software is continually adjusted. Due to no consumable material existing, the fabrication cost is lower. It has high effectiveness with large marking area and fine marking spots. Besides, the engraving depth can be controlled and adjusted for purpose, suitable for all kinds of products.

To ensure good laser mode, stable output, fine marking and laser spot, it adopts the new concept of optical path design.

Adopting the all-in-one structure with sealed optical path, the whole machine structure is reliable with its modern and graceful figure.

Widely apply to different kinds of consumer commodities, food beverage packaging, medicine packing, architecture ceramic, costume and accessories, leather and wool gift and crafts, nameplates, jeans, furniture, etc.

Applicable to various industrial plastics,jeansfabric, plating materials, rubber, ceramics and etc.


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