Double Light Path Laser Welding Machine/Desk and handheld combination laser welding machine

Project Description

Double Light Path Laser Welding Machine/Desk and handheld combination laser welding machine

Advantages of Machine

1. Small thermal deformation, suitable for welding various stainless steel products
2. Simple operation, touch screen button control
3. The welding speed is fast, and the welding seam is firm and beautiful
4. The solder joints are smooth, and the welding seam has no porosity
5. Welding regular workpieces on the tabletop, more efficient
6. Hand-held welding torch, long welding distance, more practical for special-shaped workpieces
7. Small welding area, no deformation, no blackening, no yellowing
8. High electro-optical conversion rate, low energy consumption, long-term practical cost saving


Model GD-W300(300W) / GD-W500(500W)
Laser wavelength 1064nm
Laser source Nd:YAG
Pulse Width 0.1—45ms
Pulse frequency 100Hz
Fiber core diameter 0.4mm/0.6mm
Minimum welding spot diameter 0.2mm
Rated laser power                            200w-400W
Power consumption                            5kw-12kw
cooling system Water cooling
Electricity demand 220/380V/ 3 phase/50Hz/100A
Machine size 2100mm*1200mm*1100mm
Net weight 300kg


Features of Machine

1. Non-contact processing, no need to pressurize the workpiece and surface treatment.
2. Small solder joints, high energy density, suitable for high-speed processing.
3. Short-time welding, not only has no thermal influence on the outside, but also has a small thermal deformation and heat affected zone on the material itself. It is especially suitable for processing high melting point, high hardness, and special materials.
4. There is no need for a vacuum environment (it can be done directly in the air), and there is no danger of X-rays in the air like electron beams.
5. Compared with the contact welding process, there is no wear and tear of electrodes, tools, etc.
6. No processing noise, no pollution to the environment.
7. Small workpieces can also be processed. In addition, welding can also be performed through a wall of transparent material.
8. Can realize long-distance, difficult to reach parts by ordinary methods, multiple simultaneous or time-sharing welding through optical fiber.
9. It is easy to change the laser output focal length and welding spot position.
10. It is easy to mount on automatic machines and robot devices.
11. The conductor with insulation layer can be directly welded, and the dissimilar metals with large differences in performance can also be welded.

Suitable for welding of stainless steel, gold, silver, alloy, steel, diamond steel, etc. or dissimilar materials, widely used in mobile phone batteries, sensors, medical equipment, craft gifts, advertising, kitchenware, sheet metal chassis, precision machinery, communications, etc. industry.


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