Jewelry Laser Welding Machine

Project Description

Jewelry Laser Welding Machine

Product Description

1. The whole machine conforms to the ergonomic design, more suitable for the jewelry industry, the product is fine, beautiful, stable performance, suitable for long-term continuous work needs.

2. Jewelry laser spot welding machine software can choose Chinese or English interface, and select the corresponding laser welding processing parameters for different processing positions. Select the button to move the cursor to the corresponding parameter position, adjust the size of the button to adjust the parameter.
3. The jewelry laser spot welding machine system provides up to 99 sets of parameter storage, jewelry laser welding, ready to use, no need to readjust the parameters, convenient and fast.
4. Jewelry laser spot welding machine is equipped with liquid crystal eye protection gate with independent intellectual property rights. The optical gate will do corresponding work with the laser on and off, so as to realize laser welding jewelry flash protection laser, laser close light transmission, and protect the operator’s eyes from laser flash and feel uncomfortable.
5. Jewelry laser spot welding machine can be equipped with argon gas protection device. This function effectively protects the welding position


Model GD-J60
Wavelength 1064nm

Max. Output power


Max. Pulse energy


Pump source

Single lamp

Pulse width


Pulse frequency

1-10Hz Adjustable level

Aiming and positioning

Microscope + camera system


Welding and repairing all kinds of metal jewelry

Host power consumption


Electricity demand

220V±5%, 50Hz

Cooling system

Air cooled


L: 510mm, M: 295mm, H: 420mm


  1. The core component “laser concentrating cavity” adopts imported ceramic concentrating cavity, which has more stable performance and longer service life, and brings efficient and economical processing scheme to users;

  2. The welding speed is fast, the welding efficiency is obviously improved, the welding time of single workpiece is greatly shortened, and the investment return period for customers is accelerated;

  3. The welding quality is high, and the welding is beautiful, the welding can be strong same as the base metal, without secondary processing, which can effectively improve the qualified rate of finished products;

  4. It can weld refractory materials, especially suitable for precision welding of micro small parts and jewelry;

  5. This welding machine has strong customization ability and can be customized according to customer requirements.


It is widely used in welding precision casting hardware made of various metal materials, such as jewelry, denture, clock and watch, medical treatment, instrument, electronics, mechanical mold processing, automobile and other industries. It is especially suitable for repairing holes in gold and silver jewelry, spot welding sand holes, repairing seam lines and welding of inlaid parts claw feet


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