Project Description


Model: GD-U2/U3/U5

Laser Power: 2W/3W/5W

Working area:110mmx110mm(standard)

Product Description:

UV laser marking machine marking non metal materials, especially all kinds of plastic, glass, high power can cut ceramic.


Model GD-U2/U3/U5
Laser power  2W/3W/5W
Laser wavelength  355nm
Beam quality  M2 <1.1
Laser power output  0~100% continuously adjustable
Laser output frequency  5KHz~80KHz continuously adjustable
power stability (8h)  <±1%rms
Pulse width  10-50ns
Focus light spot diameter  <0.01mm
Marking speed  800 characters per second
Minimum width  ≤0.005mm
Minimum character  0.15mm
Repeat accuracy  ±0.003mm
Production rate 99.90%
Laser generator  originally imported module
Cooling  Water cooling
Environment temperature  15℃~35℃
Voltage  220V/50Hz


1. The high beam quality and light spot is very small, can realize the ultra fine and precise engraving;

2. Perfect marking quality: 355 nm wavelength output to reduce the thermal effect of machined part; high precision galvanometer marking head, fine marking effect and it’s able to repeatable processing; High precision light spot ensure the perfect marking results; Marking process non-contact, marking effect is permanent;

3. Heat affected area is very small, there will be no heating effect, material is not deform and burning;

4. Fast marking speed, and high efficiency

5. The whole machine performance is stable, small volume and low power consumption.

6. More suitable to process the materials of big reaction thermal radiation; Cooperate with production line, automatic up-down , and automatic feeding and unloading.

High-end electronic logo marking: charger, wires, mobile phone accessories, computer accessories; Food, PVC pipes, pharmaceutical packaging materials (such as HDPE, PO, PP) marking; Flexible PCB marking; Metal or nonmetal coating removal; Porous silicon wafers and the blind hole processing and scribing; Fire prevention materials marking; Other plastic material marking.


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