YAG Laser Welding Machine

Project Description

YAG Laser Welding Machine

Advantages of YAG laser welding machine

  1. Small spot, good welding effect.
  1. The speed is slow, because this model is mainly for spot welding.

  2. The price is cheap. Compared with other laser welding machines, the price of laser spot welder is much cheaper.

  3. Small size, light weight and convenient movement.

  4. Low power consumption and low use cost.


 Jewelry laser welding machine
Laser power
Laser single energy
Pulse width
Pulse frequency
Laser welding depth
Machine power consumption
Observing system
High 10×Microscope / CCD
Electrical requirement
AC220V±10%/50Hz 30A
Cooling system
Water cooling
Protective gas

Jewelry laser welding machine for metal

1. Jewelry laser welder is high precision (0.1-2mm spot size)welding methold and laser beam is very thin.
2. Laser is quick, Frequency can reach 20HZ.
3. Jewelry, glasses frame, mould, dental teeth need laser welding way which have beautiful welding

4. Jewelry Laser welding machine is widely used in all kinds of metal like gold, sillver, bronze, aluminum,
steel and titanium
5.With the industrial chiller cooling, you can work continuously for a long time


It is widely used in welding precision casting hardware made of various metal materials, such as jewelry, denture, clock and watch, medical treatment, instrument, electronics, mechanical mold processing, automobile and other industries. It is especially suitable for repairing holes in gold and silver jewelry, spot welding sand holes, repairing seam lines and welding of inlaid parts claw feet


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