ZCRBG1 series digital cutting machine for rubber and plastic foam printed packaging materials, fully automatic computer cutting machine

Project Description

ZCRBG1 series digital cutting machine for rubber and plastic foam printed packaging materials, fully automatic computer cutting machine

The ZCRBG1 series digital cutting machine is a six-axis high-speed cutter that utilizes rack-and-pinion and small gear transmission, with the rack and pinion drive ensuring accurate, reliable operation and lifespan. It also features a multi-tool holder design, equipped with a high-speed electric oscillating knife, a large amplitude pneumatic oscillating knife, half-cut knife, V-cut knife, and crease wheel to assist customers in low-volume production.


Materials that can be cut: Cardstock, corrugated, honeycomb cardboard, PP hollow board, PVC film, EVA foam, EPE foam, silicone foam, etc.

1.Quality | Continuous Improvement through Self-Development

1.Sturdy and Solid Frame:

The frame is made of thickened square iron tubes welded together, utilizing advanced gantry frame technology to reduce the inertia caused by high-speed operation, thus preventing the frame from shaking and deformation due to long-term high-speed operation. Advanced automatic tool calibration technology makes it more convenient for customers to operate.

2.Advanced Multi-Tool Holder Interchangeable Head

Equipped with a multifunctional interchangeable tool holder, the same holder can accommodate the interchange of electric oscillating knives, pneumatic oscillating knives, crease wheels, V-cuts, half-cuts, and pens with a plug-and-play feature to address the diversity and variety of packaging materials.

The tool head comes with a gas cooling function; it can be connected to an air source to provide cooling for the vibrating motor, effectively preventing issues associated with motor overheating due to prolonged operation.

3. Precision Wear-Resistant Guide Rails and Racks

The cutter adopts guide rails + racks (helical gears) structure, characterized by high rigidity, high speed, high precision, and wear resistance, satisfying the needs for long-time high-speed operation.

4.High-Precision Servo Motor

The cutting machine uses a Taiwan Delta servo motor, which features high stability, fast response speed, high sensitivity, and low maintenance and care requirements.

5.Strong Adsorption Capacity

The multi-zone adsorption feature, with a vacuum honeycomb worktable that has 2-8 vacuum zones, can be selected with just the press of a button. This allows for a wide range of material fixation, more secure placement, and ensures the precision of cutting.
6.Powerful Motion Control System
The company has independently developed a multi-axis motion control system with cutting software that has strong compatibility, supporting various file formats such as DXF, PLT, HPG, ARR, PCE, and SPLT, among others. Vector graphics created by design software such as CAD, AI, CDR, CIMPACK, etc., can be directly saved and then imported into ZCCUTTER’s cutting software without the need for conversion by other software.

2.Sample Cutting